Payment Options

Whilst not the sexiest topic in considering where you’d like to indulge some top-notch online Blackjack, at some point you are going to have to consider how you’d like to manage an online casino’s player account if you want to participate in real-money gaming.

Thankfully the explosion in use of the Internet for online shopping and buying other consumer services has driven a demand for methods to facilitate real-money transactions securely and swiftly. Online casinos are perfect examples of businesses that are utterly dependent on their customers being able to both rely on the company’s digital security and offer enough flexibility to let them manage their player accounts with ease. Let’s face it, if either of these were compromised in a meaningful way potential players wouldn’t hang around to play the games very long!

With respect to the consumer ‘tools’ to manage players’ accounts at the best online casinos, the most popular and longest established option has been credit and debit cards issued by Visa and Mastercard. These two companies dominate the global market and offer very well established security measures, together with the prospect of instant depositing that lets players quickly fund player accounts when they’re ready to play for real money.

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However, debit and credit cards are not necessarily the ideal payment method for all customers and increasingly online casinos offer a much wider selection of digital transaction services to meet their needs, many offering as much convenience as the more traditional ‘plastic’. We cover these in more detail elsewhere, but broadly they fall into a handful of categories:


Shorthand for ‘electronic wallets’, e-wallets are virtual containers you can fill with money using another payment method, that can then be spent on online goods and services as needed. PayPal, NETeller and Skrill are very popular examples of e-wallet services and are very often accepted at the best online casinos.

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Prepayment Cards / Vouchers

These can offer excellent convenience if you don’t have, or wish to use, a bank account for online purchases. Widely available to buy in local shops, these are tokens that include a unique code that can be used to transfer all or part of the stored value to pay for online services, such as depositing into a player account. A common example is Paysafecard.

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Virtual Cards

A similar type of tool to an e-wallet, these are ‘virtual’ debit cards that are not linked to a traditional bank account, but can be charged with funds using an alternative form of payment. The practical use of these is where a debit card is the preferred payment option for a merchant or service provider, but you don’t have a bank account.

Bank Transfer, Cheques and eCheques

Still an option with many online casinos, these are increasingly less used by players since modern digital payment services offer far faster transactions to and from player accounts and commonly avoid the processing fees these more traditional methods attract.


Probably the most cutting-edge way you could fund your passion for Blackjack entertainment at an online casino these days is with a cryptocurrency. The original cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Bitcoin has gained remarkable traction as a credible form of online money and is increasingly turning up as an acceptable payment option at the best online casinos.

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Which payment method you use to service a casino’s player account is down to which of the offered options suits your needs best. However, there is one golden rule that applies whichever you pick. Only play with what you can afford to spend. Your online Blackjack should be fun, and sticking to your ‘bankroll’ is what the smart players do.