RealTime Gaming Blackjack Software

RealTime Gaming is another popular software provider known for its classic game designs. The company was founded in the US and mostly catered to US players before the Internet Gambling Act of 2006 was set in place, after which they moved to Costa Rica where they were acquired by a Curacao-based company that owns them to this day.

But throughout the years and changes, RealTime Gaming has stayed loyal to its US player base and still offers services to US players via offshore platforms that specifically cater to them. Thus, it’s mostly this group of online players that has taken a liking to their game designs, although international players play them just as much. They produce a wide range of games, from slots to table games and keno, as well as a successful line of card games.

Real Time Gaming Blackjack Games

When it comes to Blackjack, RealTime Gaming (RTG) make a number of popular games, although they use different names to set themselves apart from the rest. These are both classic Blackjack varieties as well as more exotic ones like Spanish 21. The full line-up includes:

Real Time Gaming Blackjack – Or classic Blackjack, this game is played with 6 decks and standard rules: the dealer hits on Soft 17, you can double any two cards and after a split, split up to three hands, and you can’t re-split aces. Surrender may also be available, depending on the casino.

Real Time Gaming Perfect Pairs Blackjack – This is a take on the standard game but with the Perfect Pairs side bet. The game is played with 6 decks, the dealer hits on Soft 17, you can double any 2 cards and there’s no re-splitting aces. The side bet is on different types of pairs coming up. For example, a pair of the same suit will get you a 25:1 payout, a mixed pair 6:1, etc.

Real Time Gaming European Blackjack – The popular European variant where the dealer deals one card and waits for the bets to finish before taking a second, thus there is no peeking and insurance. The payouts are 3:2, and you can only double on hands 9-11 and after a split, while the dealer stands on soft 17.

Real Time Gaming Super 21 – The super 21 is the RTG version of the Super Fun 21 game found in Vegas that has standard rules and Super 21 side bets. The side bets are made on different 21 combinations with multiple cards (5, 6, etc) and the biggest payout is for a Diamond Blackjack. The payouts vary between casinos.

Real Time Gaming Match Play 21 – This is basically Spanish 21, as the game is played with 6 decks and no 10 cards in the deck. The game also has several 21 side bets for multi-card hands and combinations (like 6-7-8) combinations, the most profitable being a suit of 7-7-7 while the dealer’s card is also a 7 for 40:1 payouts.

Real Time Gaming Face Up 21 –Double Exposure Blackjack with 6-decks where the dealer’s cards are up. Doubling is allowed on hands 9-11 and the dealer hits on 17.

Real Time Gaming Zappit Blackjack – Similar to Power Blackjack, only here you can swap your cards when you get a hand of 15-17 as your first 2 cards.

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