Microgaming Blackjack Software

A real pioneer of the online casino industry, Microgaming is a company that was there when the first foundations of the online casino market were laid. Active since 1994, this Isle of Man studio was reportedly the sole software provider of the first ever online casino.

Throughout their 20+ years in the business they have carefully expanded to all spheres of the online sector and they now power nearly 100 casinos. One of the most famous things about the company are their slot games, which include their progressive slot series Mega Moolah that won them a Guinness World Record, but they also make great table games.

Microgaming Blackjack Games

As you can expect from a studio that has been in the business for so long, they have more than the occasional game or two of Blackjack to offer. They have a Standard and Gold series (improved graphics, audio, interface, and sometimes new features) with a total of 30+ games between the two. The following are only some of the top games you can find among their Blackjack portfolio:

Microgaming Blackjack Classic & Classic Gold – A Classic game with 5-decks and liberal rules like dealer stands on all 17s, splitting pairs (once) and re-splitting aces. There’s also a Classic Gold variant, where you can play up to 5 hands within the Gold user interface.

Microgaming Atlantic city & Atlantic City Gold – The standard 8-deck game with Atlantic City rules that have the dealer stand on soft 17s, you can double any two cards, split up to 3-times, and surrender late. The Gold version is identical but with a smoother feel and look.

Microgaming Vegas Strip Blackjack & Vegas Downtown – Another classic variant, the Vegas Strip Blackjack is a 4-deck game with no surrender where the dealer stands on Soft 17, you can double after splitting and double any two cards. Re-splitting is allowed up to 3 hands, but you can’t split aces. The Vegas Downtown is the same game, with the difference being that dealer hits on Soft 17s.
Vegas Single Deck – Similar to the two Vegas games, only with a single-deck, dealer hits on Soft 17, no doubling after splitting, and doubling down only on hands 9-11. You can also split up to one hand.

Microgaming European Blackjack – A very popular Microgaming variant with an interesting twist on game control. Namely, apart from controlling things yourself, you can also play in Auto-Play mode which will have you set up your own personal strategy and bet sizes and leave the game to play out the set number of hands. Doubling down is only allowed on 9-11 and the dealer stands on all 17s.
Double Exposure Single/Multi-Hand Blackjack – The Double Exposure Single Hand Blackjack is a game where the dealer’s both cards are exposed. The rules are European and the catch is that all hands pay 1:1. You can also find a multi-hand variant and Double Exposure Multi-Hand Gold.

Microgaming Spanish Blackjack – Same as Spanish 21 where the 10 cards are removed from the deck. Microgaming’s version is played with 8 decks and the dealer hits on soft 17. There are also bonus payouts for different 21 combinations.

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